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Exporting Contact Emails in Sheet to Excel

Van Ray
Van Ray
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

We have a contact column in our sheet with names and email addresses. I would like to export that information into excel but it will only export the names. Is there a way to get the email addresses? 


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Van,


    As you've found, Excel doesn't have an explicit "contact" column type, so currently the export will only provide the display value of the cell (which is typically the name).


    Email addresses must be manually copied and pasted into a text/number column before the export, or manually copied and pasted into the Excel document after the export.

  • Hi Smartsheet, is the response on March 31, 2017 still the case?  Is there only a manual solution to showing contact emails in an export of a contact type column to Excel?

    I have created a report that will be emailed on a weekly schedule to a web automation kapow bot that will take data from my sheet and populate it to a SharePoint list.  It seems silly to me that my effort to automate will require manual intervention to send email addresses.  is there a formula I can use that can pull the email address from a contact type field and display the email address in text in a separate column?  Let me know if there is a different automated work around.


  • @khush_hello
    @khush_hello ✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/13/19

    Hey Guys!

    I found a solution to it!

    This might not be the only solution but it works. 

    Step 1a: Create a save as copy of existing sheet that you wish to download 


    Step 1b: Convert the sheet contact list column to a text/numeric column; bingo!

    (Note: Don't forget to convert it back to Contact List type]

    Step 2: If Step 1a is followed then convert the "Contact List" column to a text/numeric column; bingo!

    Step 3a: If Step 1a is followed then download the Smartsheet file and use excel based formulae to extract email address, within [abc <abc@abcxyzefg.com>]

    Formulae: [=MID(A1, FIND("<", A1) + 1, FIND(">", A1) - FIND("<", A1) - 1) ]


    Step 3b: If Step 1b is followed then use below Smartsheet formulae to extract email address on Smartsheet another column (type text/numeric): 

    [=MID(ContactList@row, FIND("<", ContactList@row) + 1, FIND(">", ContactList@row) - FIND("<", ContactList@row) - 1) ]

    Step 4: Job done!

    Please let me know how it goes.



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