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HI Does anyone has a good template for a Document or Drawings Register please ?


  • Hi Constantin,

    Take a look at this thread: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/72305/document-control-using-smartsheets-construction-industry. Maybe something like this would work for you? @Chris Mondeau made that recommendation... Chris, not sure if you have any additional recommendations?

    Take a look in the Solution Center at our various templates for document management and contract management as well... the structure of some of these may help you.

    Anyone else in the group have ideas for Constantin?

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

  • Chris MondeauChris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭

    For construction stuff, I try to align my sheet designs/naming conventions with industry standards, such as MasterFormat. That way I know that my docs are as close to a standard and can get a little bit more weight and ease in transferring of data. If that's too deep, often I'll look at existing tools I might have, or if I'm a subcontractor who has to submit to a GC, design sheets to be "import ready" for their toolkit (Procore, PlanGrid, etc).

    Overall I'd say just organizing your data into a flat table will make it easier to sort and filter to find relevant files.


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