JIRA Connector Filtered Out Issue

Hello everyone,

I'm new using the JIRA <> Smartsheet and we are trying to connect a Kanban JIRA Board with our own Smartsheet. On this process, I'd got the following message in my sheet: "Filtered Out by Connector—Not Synced". This is causing that those rows are not longer syncing issues in JIRA.

On that idea, as a context there are happening two scenarios:

  • On the process, I changed from one board to another. DEMO-X is the first JIRA Board and I should see issue keys from another board. Question is how can I let Smartsheet know that this rows should create new JIRA Keys for the new board?
  • Why the SS rows that are in blank, doesn't had created any issues? Is it related that my flag "Sync to JIRA" are off?

Hope something can help understanding how can I reestablish this undesired grouping! Thanks :)



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Angel Hernandez

    The "Filtered out by Connector" rows are items that are currently not being synchronized with the connected application. It sounds like when you changed over from one board to another, all of your old rows became filtered out, since they do not exist on your current Jira board.

    Even though a row is no longer synced, Smartsheet will not delete rows from your sheet but move it up to this "filtered out" category.

    Details on what this category means and how you may be able to update your filters can be found in the Help Center article How to Use "Filtered Out by Connector—Not Synced"

    You may also want to review Smartsheet for Jira: Creating and Editing Synchronization Workflows. to make sure that your current filters apply to this new Jira board and are synching the correct rows.

    If you still have questions after going through these articles, I would recommend contacting Smartsheet Support with screen recordings of your current Jira Connector Configuration and the sheet in Smartsheet.