Data Mesh Config Not Updating When New Fields Added from Source Report

Hi -- I set up a data mesh initially with 6 fields from the source report. Then I decided to edit the config and add more fields to bring it, but it won't let me add them to the target sheet because they don't appear in that dropdown.


  • This published before I meant it to :) but my question is whether this is a bug or expected behavior that I would need to start the config over in this case.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Claire Robinson

    It looks like you only have 6 columns currently available in your sheet called "Content Traffic Needs Tracker", is this correct?

    Each new sheet created automatically has a standard set of 6 Text/Number columns generated, like so:

    If your destination sheet only has the standard 6 columns, you'll need to add in the new columns to the destination sheet first (deciding on the column type), before coming back into Data Mesh and mapping the Data Fields to go into that column. Does that make sense?

    If you've added the columns into the destination sheet but they don't appear in the Data Mesh config options, try logging out of Data Mesh and logging back in to see if this helps re-fresh the drop-down options.

    Let me know if this has worked for you!