Double Entries on Pivot Sheet Returned via Pivot App

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I have a pivot table set to update immediately via Pivot App, but whenever I add to/refresh the data in the source sheet, the pivot table will often reflect duplicate rows/values.

I have a source sheet with individual lines of data for a resource's time on each project he/she is working on.

In the returned pivot sheet, there are often two lines for one resource (with the same data). Any ideas why this might be happening?

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  • Hi @Koby, Laura

    There's a few basic troubleshooting steps we could try...the first thing to check is the browser type you're on, and any extensions, to see if this could be causing the duplicates (you'll want to be on the most up-to-date version of your browser, see: System Requirements and Guidelines for Using Smartsheet).

    If that's not the cause, try simply deleting out the duplicate rows, then run the pivot again to see if it re-creates them.

    If the rows come back, I would recommend reaching out to Smartsheet Support to troubleshoot this in a private channel, so you can send them full screen captures of each sheet, the sheet names or URLs, screen captures of your Pivot configuration, and details on how that value (the "Resource" column) is created (manual input, dropdown, formula, form, etc).



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