TrackingTime How to have TrackingTime create a project from a task in Smartsheet

Is anyone familiar with TrackingTime. I am fairly impressed with TrackingTime and intuitive and efficient concept of having a button in my task row in SMartsheet which interactively starts and stops time tracking in TrackingTime. I just have this one fairly major issue. How can I create a project in TrackingTime from Smartsheet. I have figured out how to successfully setup the task and project button however, it does not appear to create a project in trackingtime. What it appears to do is simply create a task with sub task. For example ="TrackingTime:" + [New Order]@row + "," + [New Order]1 The first "New order" row is the main Parent task which I want to be my project and the second "New Order" is my task or child row. The result is I have a bunch of individual tasks tracked in TrackingTime which are not compiled under one project. I am sure I could do it on the back end and using excel etc to sort and create projects but that is far from ideal. I need the project in TrackingTime to be created from the parent row in Smartsheet rather than from a project in Smartsheet. Is there a way to have the parent row have a formula to create a project in TrackingTime?

Here is the setup in Smartsheet

and the output to TrackingTime


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @smartsheetguy42

    I have to admit that I'm not familiar with Tracking Time as it's a third party application. That said, I found this Help Article that they have written on how to integrate with Smartsheet, see: Time Tracking for Smartsheet: Learn how to track your team's time directly in Smartsheet.

    In this article it identifies a different formula for parent rows, see step 5:

    Formula to track project and task

    In case you'd also like to specify the task's project, you need to use the following formula to specify which cell contains the project name.

    ="TrackingTime:"+[select the cell for your task]+",,"+[select the cell for your project]

    If you still have questions after reviewing their article, I would recommend reaching out to Tracking Time's Support Team directly ( to ask for help creating projects.



  • Paul E Rayburn
    edited 07/06/21

    Just wanted to update. This is working great. Also Tracking Time provided excellent support to help me identify an issue as I was missing one of the commas separating task and project. Needs + ,,+ if you want it to create a project in TrackingTime with sub tasks that will all compile under the project. +,+ just adds the project name to the task. Now my next question Is there a way to have the total time for the task populate a cell in Smartsheet. (as of now the task and project are automatically complied in TrackingTime but I would like to get that data back to Smartsheet. (edit: for clarity, the formula provided by Genevieve was correct I just entered incorrectly)