How can make MS Team reminder at exactly point of the day by input on Smartsheet?


Basically, I am looking for a solution to build a reminder via MS Team bot. The employee will input a particular time on Smartsheet cell ( by "time" I meant: 15:00 04/07/21, 7:30 07/04/21..... the exact date time), then at that point of time, Smartsheet will automatically send a reminder via MS Team bot.

I am not sure if Smartsheet can help with the exact time, since mostly I can only interact with " created, finished, changed" time....

Please help me verify if there is a way to do this


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Vu Nguyen

    There isn't a direct way to do this where one workflow can read time in a cell and then automatically use this as an indicator for when to send an alert to Teams.

    However, if you have a pre-set list of times for your users to choose from (perhaps from a dropdown list), you can set up multiple workflows (one for each time) to send out at a specific hour.

    See: Create a Time-Based Automated Workflow

    In this instance you would set up Condition blocks to only send this specific alert if 7:00 was selected. You could also add a condition that the date the row was created is Today, or some other criteria using a Date. Let me know if you'd like to see screen captures of what I'm describing. Would this work for you?

    Another alternative may be to look into using a third party application, such as Zapier.