Alerts to multiple users

Is it possible to send alerts to multiple users at same time, such that all the users are listed on the "To" section of the notification email.



  • It is possible, you can enter multiple email address in the to line, or read contacts from a contact type field in the sheet, if multiple users are listed in the field.

    Caroline Allaker

    Process Engineer | Nike Inc

  • I have tried the above, however the alert is being sent to two contacts individually...

    Ideally I am looking for a way in which both the users get notification on one single email, so that users can see who list of people who are notified about the change.

  • Have the same question. I added 5 emails addresses, and it is been sent individually. Is there a way to notify them all together in 1 email - similar to what we send from outlook? This way they will have visibility and will be able to coordinate the activities intended as part of the notification.