Control Center - Moving Folders


All of our projects are provisioned into an "Active Courses" Folder.  We currently have 125+ folders for our 2021 activities.  We are going to start provisioning new project folders for the 2022 year.  Clients will continue to use the current project files, so we cannot archive these yet.   

My thought is to create a 2022 folder within the Active Courses Folder.  We provision the 2022 project folders and then drag them into 2022 folder, so we do not end up having to scan through 250 project folders to find something.  (I would change Control Center to place the newly provisioned 2022 projects into the Active Courses/2022 Folder, but during this fall, we will also continue to provision new 2021 folders.)   

Are there any issues with provisioning projects and then moving them into a “2022” subfolder, as long as it is with in the "Active Courses" Folder? Does it change the links if we move them? Any tips and tricks would be appreciated.  I am still a noob when it comes to Control Center.



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