Copy 1 row multiple times to a new sheet


I have a design sheet with proofing that contain columns to check sizes needed for that design (s,m,l).

I'd like one copy of that row to be copied to the production sheet for each size needed (so 3 times if need all 3 sizes).

The new rows in the production sheet need to have only have one size checked (one row with just "S" checked, one row with just "M" checked, one row with just "L" checked).

I can do this with zapier but lose all the proofs and attachments.

I can't figure out how to do this with smartsheet "row copy" automations without creating 3 identical rows, each with all 3 sizes checked.

Any suggestions?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Brent Novak

    The way I would do this is to have 3 "helper" sheets to split up your one row into three.

    You'd have one helper sheet per-size. Set up 3 separate Copy Row automations from the original design sheet to go into each of the respective Size sheets, based on the value in the multi-select.

    In each of your helper size sheets, you can set up one of the new Change Cell automations to clear out the other Size values, so the row now only says "S" if it's in the Small sheet, or "M" in the Medium sheet, and so on.

    In my example, I have a checkbox as the original trigger to start the Copying process. I also change the checkbox to be un-checked at the time of updating the Size value:

    Then I have a second workflow to Copy this row into the Production sheet, when the Checkbox becomes un-checked. Here are the two automations in one helper Small sheet:

    You will have three different Copy Row automations coming from the three different sheets, which means that the destination (Production) sheet will then have multiple rows, with one value each.



    Let me know if this works for you, or if you'd like to see any other screen captures!