Auto updating an image in a Dashboard



I'm creating a dashboard where I'd like to pull in a chart/image created from another platform. I can save this chart as an image, PowerPoint, or even excel file.


I'd like the Smartsheet dashboard to update this image when the dashboard is open or even at a set cadence (1x per day or week), is this possible? I was hoping to get all information into one place. Ideally, overwriting the image file would automatically update when the original changes but that didn't work as I hoped.


Is there a way to auto update an image on a set cadence for a dashboard? Or are there any other workarounds? It looked like embedding a PowerPoint or excel file might work but my organization has turned off the capability to do this.

I could try to export the data and import it into Smartsheet with data shuttle, but the graphing capability is very limited and I think I would prefer to just have a link to the image instead (also not ideal, but might be my last resort option)

Thanks in advance!