Take Report Data and Populate Sheet - potentially Data Shuttle


Problem I am trying to solve - explanation below.

Smartsheet Report -} Auto Email Export (.csv)-} One Drive -} Data Shuttle -} Smartsheet Sheet with column equations-}PowerBI Dashboard

I have created dashboards in PowerBI that look at the sheets/reports I have in Smartsheet.

I have a report that is currently compiling and summarizing all our active project schedules and filters out some of the unnecessary information. I also have a "data" sheet that then applies formulas to the data to tag it so it will merge with the PowerBi widget. (See photo below)

I recently tried to use the auto send (.csv) file via email and utilized a 3rd party software that takes that email and puts it in a file in my onedrive. I was hoping to use this export feature to take the report data and then be able to use Data Shuttle to upload the data into my sheet that has the equations.

The issue I ran into was that Data Shuttle has to point to an individual file and the service I was using just added the latest version of the file with a slightly different name.

Is there an easier way to get this data from this report into another sheet so when the data changes the flow of information is automated and the end product dashboards have the accurate information?

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