Block Emails from in MS Teams Channal

Loay ✭✭
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Smartsheet users often receive emails from and although a user can unsubscribe from such emails through email preferences, we wish to unsubscribe from these emails as an organisation. This is because we need to have emails from the Smartsheet app itself sent to Microsoft Teams, and somehow by adding such emails, apparently, Smartsheet Marketing team has auto-included this MS Teams email group, and it is very distracting!


This MS Teams group is a channel that some of our people rely on for important notifications, but they are regularly receiving messages such as this within Teams:


We have tried to block from our organisation’s main portal but Microsoft has informed us that we cannot block a specific sender in Teams. Can I wonder who we can stop such notification from the marketing/product emails. 




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Loay

    Can you clarify what notifications you are receiving within Teams, and how you set it up?

    Are you adding the Smartsheet Bot and sending direct notifications through the Bot (for example, like an Update Request to a specific person), or are you configuring one workflow to send out to a Teams Channel, like so:

    In either case, marketing emails should not be included with these alerts. Is it possible that you added the Product Info email as a contact to one of your teams channels?

    You can unsubscribe any of your users from Marketing emails through this webpage:

    If this hasn't helped, I would suggest reaching out to Smartsheet Support with full screen captures of the types of alerts you're receiving in Teams, how you've set up your workflows and/or configured the Smartsheet bot, and a list of emails that are affected by this.

    Thank you!


  • Loay
    Loay ✭✭

    Thanks, @Genevieve P. for your answer,

    I have unenabled the email channel from the link you provided and hope it will work, will let you know if I still have any issue there