Deleting an attachment by guest user

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Just a quick question, as a sheet owner I would think I could delete a row/card attachment placed there by a guest user, but it seems it's grayed out. Does anyone have a work-around for this?

Also, is there a way for a guest to upload and attach a document as a version two to the original file? It seems like it always makes guest users attach a new file which kind of leads to this problem in the first place. Thanks in advance.



  • Hi @Kris V. Le

    If you are the owner of the sheet, then yes, you should be able to delete an attachment uploaded onto your sheet by someone else.

    Are you accessing this attachment through a Report or through the source Sheet? Would you be able to post a screen capture of how you're seeing the deletion function greyed out?

    In regards to your second question, Owners, Admins, and Editors on a sheet can upload a different version of the same attachment. (See: Keep File Attachments Current)

    When you say "guest", how are your users accessing the sheet, are they uploading an attachment through a Form or an Update Request?



  • Thank you for the assistance! Please see the attached image. The user attaching the file is not in my organization and has been shared to the sheet as an "Editor - can share". They are accessing the main sheet, not attaching through a form.

    I am trying to delete the attachment directly from the source sheet and I am the owner of the sheet.

  • Hi @Kris V. Le

    Thank you for this screen capture, that's very helpful! I can see by this that the attachment is actually a part of a Comment on your sheet.

    You will first need to "Go to Comment" and then you can delete the entire comment from there, which will also delete the attachment. See: Delete a File Attached to a Comment



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