Assigning different allocations to multiple parties for tasks in Smartsheet & Resource management

edited 11/01/21 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello Smartsheet Community,

I am a relatively new user to Smartsheet and Resource management and i am wondering if there is a cleaner workaround to the issue i am facing described below:

Issue: I am trying to link a sheet in Smartsheet, where i have multiple parties assigned to tasks, with the resource management tool. The problem is that each party might not be contributing the same amount of time to the same task, as one party might be doing more of the work than the other(s). As a result, i am trying to delineate allocation between multiple parties.

I have discovered a couple of workarounds:

  1. To create multiple rows for the same task and have only one party assigned to each row with their respective allocation
  2. Keep multiple parties assigned to the same task, then go in resource management's "Schedule" dashboard to manually delineate allocation by party for the same task (example attached)

I am wondering if there are any workarounds that are less clunkier than the approaches I am currently taking. Thanks in advance for the help!