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Hello, I am an enterprise user and I am having difficulty with the form fields and DocuSign integration. We need the DocuSign document to be sent out for signature with the data submitted from our Smartsheet sheet/form showing. An older article I found in the Smartsheet community suggested that I add Smartsheet as a role/recipient on the DocuSign envelope? When I do that, the only available option is for that role to sign, no other option gives the ability to assign fields but we don't need the Smartsheet role to sign.

How do we get the Smartsheet fields to automatically pull over into the DocuSign so that when the signers receive the envelope they can see the information before signing?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @cjacksonrms

    If you leave the name and email empty when creating the DocuSign template, this will enable document builder to populate those fields with Smartsheet values.

    Then to have the fields populated before the recipient signs, the corresponding fields should be assigned to that recipient when preparing the template in Docusign. If you don't want the fields to be editable by the signer, you can mark them as 'Read Only'. 

    I'd suggest reaching out to your Customer Success Representative if you have more questions!