Multiple rows approval on single request


Is there are possibility currently in Smartsheet to have an approval for multiple rows in single approval e-mail?

What I need, is to have a report sent once in a while (example week), that will include all the rows that needs an approval from manager. Then, with single "approve" button they will be processed. Or even each line can be "approved" seperately, but the point is to have it in single e-mail, not like currently it's working that each line = seperate e-mail request.

I already seen a proposition to use "Update Request" function with rows attached that needs to be approved, but that's not going to work - with multiple fields attached to request, and selecting each time if it's "approved" is just too time consuming and non-efficient. With approval request it's more simple and more visible - you only click approve/decline.

I browsed already some questions in the past about it - it appeared many times. Was there anything implemented already related to it, that I might have missed?



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Dawid Nawrot

    Is sending a report an option? You can embed the report url in a notification email and send it out on a scheduled basis. If the 'approval' field is a checkbox field, or a dropdown Yes or No, the user interaction could be minimal.


  • Hello,

    Not gonna work - the idea was to make it as simple, as possible. We tried that one already - with example 10 approvals it's just too time consuming (idea was to make it usable even on mobile).

    I assume then there's no other option that to wait for potential expansion of approval workflow options in Smartsheet.