Attempting to import MS Project formatted files into Smartsheet and am losing column functionality

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Attempting to import MS Project formatted files into Smartsheet and am losing column functionality. Specifically the "Work" column which is simply hours estimated for work per task, rolling up to parent task and milestone. Work should tie in with duration, start and end date calculations.

Please help.


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    I'd welcome being proven wrong but I doubt you are going to keep the functionality in that transfer.

    • Out of interest how is 'work' calculated in MS project?
    • What do you get instead in the work column is Smartsheet? plain text, 5.5h for example?



  • Microsoft Office Project calculates total task work as the sum of the work that all assigned resources are to perform on a task. This is based on the assignment span, the number of resources assigned, and the assignment units for the assigned resources.

    Example: There is 1 resource (availability to perform the work) and they estimate it will take them 16 hours of work to complete the task. The working calendar states that a work day is 8 hours, and the resource has 100% capacity available to work on the task. So MS Project calculates the duration to complete the task as 2days. The start date is manually set but the end date is adjusted based on the duration value.

    Also, any dates that have this task as a predecessor will also have their start and dates adjusted, based on the impact of the change of the aforementioned task.

    Yes upon import, work is converted to just a plain text column and still contains the value but there is no calculation behind this. Another note to mention is that there is also no capacity or allocation column set. But even when I used an existing template that did have allocation, adding a Work column did nothing to adjust duration.

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    Did you get an answer of how to address this issue?