When will Work Insights be available to publish to a report/dashboard?

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As per subject line - it would be great to be able to publish Work Insights to a report dashboard as they potentially can provide information that a chart widget (based of a report) cannot.

Any ETA on when they may become available to publish to a dashboard?


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  • Krissia B
    Krissia B Moderator
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    Hello @.Leon.

    Thank you for your post! Because at this time, Smartsheet do not have a programmed capability for that specific feature, however it is a really great idea - when you can, please submit an enhancement request to be considered for future development!

    We don’t have a release time frames for you, but you can keep track of updates or make further requests at our Help Center here:



  • I've submitted an enhancement request before and another one today.

    Please! Please! Please! Smartsheet add Work Insight to Dashbaords!