Client facing dashboard


I'm working on a client facing dashboard, that the client would put information in. From what I can tell this is not going to be pretty from the clients side.

  1. I have to share the dashboard.
  2. I have to share the report I created that is on the dashboard.
  3. I have to share the original sheet that the report above is created from. (this is the deal breaker)

I want the client to fill out some information for us based on what they purchased. So in this example #3 has say 10 products on it. But the report that the client sees on the dashboard (#2) only reports what they purchased. On that report I have a spot for "customer feedback/details" That I want them to fill out. But if I dont share out #3 that has everything on it. They can't see the data and fill it out. Aka since Smartsheet does not do folders well, the client will login and see the dashbaord, the report, and the orginal sheet and have access to all of them aka causing confusion.

Does this make sense? Am I missing anything to make this possible?