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We would like to get an email notification with the name of the last person who edited a row in smartsheet. To do this, we have set up the column “Automatic / system numbering” - “Modified by”. However, we have many automations in our grid. So a modification has an impact on different cells. And when the notification reaches us, the last modification was made by: "".

How can we have the name of the last person to modify the cell without having the ""?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin


    How many potential collaborators do you have for this sheet? If you only have a handful of potential people making changes, I would suggest setting up an Assign People workflow which looks at the email address in the Modified column and updates a Contact column with that person's name.

    That way when it changes to, the Contact column will keep the last Contact name so you can use this in an alert. See: Assign People in an Automated Workflow

    You can also always check the Cell History in a sheet if you ever need to see who made changes. If your plan has access to it, you may also be able to access the Activity Log of the sheet, too. See: View Changes Made to Smartsheet Items