Best Method to Track Resource Loading by Individual & Their List of Tasks



I work in manufacturing and have used Smartsheet in the past and taken advantage of the "issues/task" list template for a specific capital project and modified to fit my needs. It worked great. I set up a very simple dashboard to show status of tasks, # of tasks assigned to each person, etc. However, that was for one project with multiple (people) resources.

I am still in manufacturing but need to do something a little different. I currently have three direct reports. Each works in a different department and for the most part they don't usually cross over unless one of the others needs assistance. In addition to production support and process improvement that is targeted to be minimum of 50% of their time, I want to be able to track their work load and the specific tasks each of them are either assigned, or working on in conjunction with the department they support. Each individual also participates as a plant resource for various capital projects in their respective area. To get an idea of how loaded each individual currently is (between production support, capital projects, and process improvement initiatives), I've asked them to fill out a spreadsheet listing all the initiatives/tasks they are working on and estimate the percent of time they are spending (or expect to spend) on each. The spreadsheet is a single file that consists of three sheets - one for each individual. Additionally, I've asked them to list the period (our calendar year consists of 13 periods where each period is 4 weeks in duration) they expect to be working on each task. This gives me an idea of how much time each individual is dedicated their respective initiatives, and shows me when they are overallocated. When comparing the spreadsheet to a Smartsheet grid, the left most column (which would be the primary column) is the task name. There a few more columns with supporting information followed by 13 more columns, one column for each period. They enter a decimal amount in those 13 columns indicating % of their time for each task.

I would like to use this information in both a list and a gantt chart form if possible. I like the list format so more columns could be added with additional information. At the very least, I want to be able to assign start and end dates to each task. My question it possible to do this? I want to be able to see the granular level of a list, the overall picture of a gantt chart, and have the ability to follow the number of hours to balance resource loading. I don't know if I should use three separate sheets - one for each individual - and come up with a summary sheet of sorts or not. But if I do that, how could I incorporate the three different sheets into one overall annual calander?

I would like to take advantage of the resource loading function in Smartsheet, but not sure if that is an "add on" or if I currently have that available to me.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!