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Report refreshes inaccurately

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

We have a report linked to one sheet at a time, used to view relevant information without the distraction of all the details.  We edit in the report and save. Sometimes we will edit in the sheet and save there.


We run into two issues:

1) Edits in the sheet don't always pull into the report.

2) Some text/number fields can't be edited in the report.


No cells, rows or columns are locked.  Only one person accesses the sheet or the report at a time. We refresh by opening the report builder and clicking "run".  Are we missing something?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hello! The report should always show the most up to date information. Are you saving the underlying sheets before refreshing your report?


    Which columns are you unable to edit in your report? Are you unable to edit these column for some rows or all rows in the report? Some columns cannot be editing in reports if they need to perform background calculations in the sheet. Here is information from our help center:


    • “If dependencies are enabled on a sheet, the End Dates for rows in those sheets
    • aren't editable from a report as they are calculated automatically based on the
    • dependency settings. You can instead edit the Start Date and Duration in the row to
    • automatically re-calculate the End Date.



    • Similarly, if dependencies are enabled on a sheet, the Start Date of any task that is
    • driven by a predecessor won't be editable from a report. You can instead change the
    • Start Date or Duration of the predecessor task to automatically re-calculate the dates
    • associated with dependent tasks.”
  • YouReachedEd
    edited 07/02/15

    Thanks Travis.  This is good to know. unfortunately, it doesn't apply since the fields we're having trouble with are Text/Number. The problem goes both ways, too.  Sometimes a change saved from the report doesn't appear in the sheet and sometimes a change in the sheet isn't refreshing in the report.  Very odd.


    An entire column is affected, and the problem is intermitent so I haven't dialed in on something we may be doing that may be causing this.

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