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Kevin S
Kevin S ✭✭
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Hi all,

we are experiencing some difficulties with Control Center. After logging in we are going to create a new project. It just goes into a constant loading death spin. We have tried to login from Chrome, Firefox, etc… They are all the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



  • IanN
    IanN Employee

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for posting here. I recommend submitting a Support ticket for this:

    When submitting, please include as many details as possible to help our team assist quickly.

    Things like:

    • Email address of the Primary Lead (e.g. the owner of the Control Center instance)
    • Are you working with any Smartsheet Consultants to help you build this? If so, who?
    • Have you successfully provisioned a Project before?
    • Are you using an Intake sheet and is there an approved Project on that sheet that is ready to be provisioned?
    • It might also be helpful to get the Sheet ID of your Intake sheet (when on the Intake sheet go to File → Properties)

    That information will help us locate certain information on our backend which could help us resolve quicker.