How to start time on a project and prompt for a list of tasks



Our Implementation Team is asking for a timer of sorts to capture their task time (whether onsite at clients or remote support). At the beginning of work on a specific day, the Implementation Tech would hit a start time button, then - they will work on their assigned tasks that are listed in our Smartsheet project schedule. Upon completion of work for that day, the Implementation Tech would like to hit the Stop Time button. Once the Stop Time button is executed, the Implementation Tech would like to be prompted with a list of tasks that he/she can select and either add notes to the task item or add a comment into the task item., while assigning a value for the number of hours worked on that task. Once this is done, Smartsheet would use the "Timer" value to ensure the number of hours entered didn't go over the total number of hours that were automatically logged with the "Timer". My last question on this is, what is the best way to get Smartsheet to prompt with a list of tasks (or Smartsheet data elements)?

I know this is a lot to ask. Wondering if the Resource Management (10K) Smartsheet add-on is a good choice for this request?

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