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I am having problem to setup automation to alert someone. I have a column that shows 4 rows and another column that shows when the Alert someone should be sent out:

Citrix/Network/PC Comm 1 - 3 weeks [column Communication Released Date: 02/17/22] =PARENT([Network Migration Date]@row) - 21

Citrix/Network/PC Comm 2 - 2 weeks [column Communication Released Date: 02/24/22] =PARENT([Network Migration Date]@row) - 14

Citrix/Network/PC Comm 3 - 1 weeks [column Communication Released Date: 03/03/22] =PARENT([Network Migration Date]@row) - 7

Citrix/Network/PC Comm 4 - 24 hours [column Communication Released Date: 03/09/22] =PARENT([Network Migration Date]@row) - 1

The column that is proving the trigger date for Communication Released Date is "Network Migration Date"

I need the Alert Someone to be sent when date is reached in the "Communication Released Date rows and I am having problem to setup that.

The Alert Someone notification needs to have a description for each date, for example: 3 weeks notification, the notification should say something like: Please send out the 3 weeks communication, please send out the 2 weeks communication and provide the data that is in each column for the person notified be able to see.

I really appreciate who can help me to setup that.

Thank you very much!



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