Export only new rows from form submissions to excel


I have been searching for an automated way to get this done. I have a pretty intense (for me personally) form that my coworkers use to track a number of things that I measure. I am pretty married to my sheet and have a number of automated workflows running with it as well. There are about 48 columns of data including index referencing to other smart sheets, and I collect about 10-15k form submissions per week. I need to collect and house at least a month worth of data at a time to report back to managers via pivot tables and 'real time' viewing in power BI. So I think staying in smartsheets is out of the question with 60k+ rows of data very possible.

I can just export and past all my data into excel each day, but I would like it to happen closer to every half hour, and I would like it to be automated, or single button type action. I attempted a power query, however, that will remove rows deleted from my smartsheet when it collects new rows as well.

Can I have new rows added (forms submitted) automatically exported to or imported by excel, that constantly append to the end of my table until I physically remove them?

Thank you in advance for the help.