Dashboard report not showing in Desktop

I have a report in gantt view that is not showing in a dashboard online. I'm using Chrome to access. The source sheet, report, and dashboard all are published with read only full permissions.

When I pull up the website in view only using the public link, I get the the following...

Is there a workaround so that the report can be viewed in the public dashboard given all source sheets/reports are also published for public viewing? Thanks.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Shane Sorensen

    How are you adding the Report to the Dashboard, are you using a Report Widget or a Web Content Widget with the published link?

    You may see this error if you're using a Report Widget and you have the "Viewer Mode" set to "Their Own Perspective". In this instance the user would need to be logged in to Smartsheet to see the Report data.

    See: Using report widgets

    You can change this to "Last Widget Editor" in order for the data to display in a Published Dashboard:

    Or you could use the Published Link from the Report to embed it into a Web Content Widget instead.