Data Shuttle Offloads - Change Offload File Column Headers

Good morning all! We are new to Data Shuttle and, while it's mostly very easy to use, we've run into what I think it's a silly problem.

Is there a way to change the Offload File Column names? The column headers we use in SmartSheet are not named the same as our field names within our ERP. For example, "Install Date" in SmartSheet is "InstallDate_c" in our ERP. In order for the CSV file to correctly import into our ERP using the automation, the column headers need to be changed.

When setting up the Offload Workflow, I have the option to map the fields, but not change the Column Headers for the offloaded data.

The original direction I received from SS was to create duplicate columns that were hidden that have the proper column headers. As you can see below, I have 2 fields to capture the Sales Order and OrderNum. OrderNum is simply a formula of [Sales Order]@row. While this does give me the proper column headers, it seems there has to be a better way than adding more and more columns to the source sheet.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!!