Roll-up report with dynamic view?

I have a situation in which I’m going to have a team of people, each assigned a group of sheets/projects, and more sheets/projects will be added regularly.

I need to be able to:

a. Aggregate data from each person’s sheets so they and their managers can monitor progress; and

b. Give the team a user-friendly way to keep the data updated.

From reading earlier posts, I think if I put all the sheets in a workplace folder and create a report with the workplace as a source, I can get to the aggregate data part.

Has anyone tried taking a report like that and using it as the source for a dynamic view? Could I do that, then set it to filter for assigned to logged in user, and achieve a relatively user-friendly way for teams to update data?


  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Eva Murphy Short answer is yes you can do what you describe.

    Using DynamicView to present the content of a report works well, even if the report has more than one sheet as its source. Using DV to secure content so that a user only sees what she/he should see works well. (You probably need to lay out the report, and the DynamicView, so that it is easy for the user to tell which sheet the row comes from originally.)


    ps. I think the data aggregation might be the trick, unless you mean that in a different way than I am assuming - to me aggregation means a value in one sheet is added or combined with a value from another sheet to show a user the result?

    pps ((The challenge with the approach (as I understand DynamicView) is that it needs to know which sheet is the source of the original data. If a user is making a change, the tool needs to be able to write that change back to the sheet the cell belongs on, not to the report. I would test your approach with a report based on a few sheets first. ** That condition definitely needs to be addressed if the users are able to add rows ** ))