Populating Dropdown Menus using Conditional Logic in Forms

Gina Smith
Gina Smith ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations


We are now using Data Shuttle to populate values within a dropdown menu of other sheets. Is there a way to also use Data Shuttle to populate 'different' dropdown options in the same column based on the conditional logic within a form.

For example, say we have 20 educational partners and each partner has anywhere from 15-25 course codes for a given program. We can now use one input sheet from the Project Management team to track course code changes and we can use Data Shuttle to update those dropdown values in one column of a shared sheet. However, I don't want one DNS (who is inputting data into the sheet) to have to scroll through all partner's course codes to find their own course codes. If I have them input the data through a form and they enter their partner name, could the values in the course dropdown column 'vary' depending on the partner name they enter? This would allow them to see only their own courses?