Dashboarding an Org Chart?

summetg ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

Hi all,

I was doing some research and it does not appear there's a straight forward "Org Chart" template (I've viewed the article Create Organizational Charts in Excel | Smartsheet), which we could maybe display on a dashboard.

Our project portfolio reporting has been structured to summarize on dashboards, which start from a Team to Department up to a Divisional level and to the overall organization. All projects we create exist under a team and roll up. This structure is defined from our "Org structure" sheet, which is leveraged by our SCC blueprints and various sheets in the solution build.

What I would like to do is to potentially use this to visualize the "1-to-many" relationships from the top down to team, and then add links to high level details such as links to the specific dashboard, number of projects summarized on our roll-ups and a few other things. This would allow everyone to have a high level 1 page bird's eye view, then click in for a deep dive.

Is there any way of achieving this within Smartsheet? If not, I would assume possibly through some type of Integration could do this easily, as Excel can visualize the structure out of the box.

Thanks in advance