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I use SS with my team as a time-tracking solution. I have each employee - 24 of them- (collaborators only) a form they fill out for each job they work at. Each employee has to have their own individual form because I also collect other information, such as rate of pay, PTO, etc. In order to be able to import that data into QB, the data has to match EXACTLY so I have created a dropdown list for the jobs column.

I have a sheet with a master job list that I created using a report from QB so that the job names match exactly and this list needs updated almost daily, (sometimes two or three times a day). Each time this sheet is updated, I copy this list, and then I have to go to each individual employee's sheet and paste that list in the dropdown values box - 24 times each time there is an update.

In a perfect world, I could update my master list and it would somehow sync or update each individual dropdown list. I have tried the trial version of Resource Management and I don't think that is the answer. That appears to be more of a scheduling app and I don't need a schedule. Wondering if anyone has used DataTable? Would this be a solution. There is just not much info on what these apps can do in real life experiences like this and no trial option for most of them. I don't want to purchase something that will not work because these apps are outrageously priced.

In short, I want to take a master list in it's own sheet and be able to sync it to all other sheets as a dropdown column. Possible??