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Having received notification from a form I did not fill out, is it possible to visit the form?

There's an existing link for viewing the sheet, but I'm certain I do not need access to the sheet itself. I think it would be helpful to add an option to view the form, as well as for form creators to limit such access (i.e. one-time use, time gated, pending approval).


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    No sure I follow!

    Can you elaborate?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Nahum
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    edited 05/16/22

    The attached appears when a form is submitted (by some other party) and I am one of its notified users in the workflow. The sheet does not belong to me, nor do I need access to it. What I would like to see is a link in that same response that allows me to access the form instead of requesting access to the sheet.

    I understand that I could just ask the sheet owner for a link to the form, but I feel that providing the form link right here would speed things along.