Kanban board integration with Smartsheet (multiple sheets to one board)


Hi all,

We currently use a roadmapping software called Roadmunk and moving over to Smartsheet. One thing Roadmunk is able to is enable very easy drag and drop swim lane or timeline views from a data source. The closest functionality Smartsheet has is card view which does not provide ability to define lanes on the Y axis.

We have 3-4 sheets which hold are key intakes and projects. I what I would like to do is to define these fields in Smartsheet and if we move them around on the board, the fields get updated in Smartsheet (i.e. a status which is a drop down) and vice versa. Or if we can have both sheets show up as seperate sections on the board, but 1 centralized view.

Are there any tools which can do this efficiently? I understand Zapier is a popular integration product and JIRA has similar road mapping capabilities. Does anyone have ideas if there low cost options? We also have a number of 365 products in our stack available which would be good to leverage.




  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @summetg

    You can use a Report in Smartsheet to bring together multiple sheet's rows, then display this data in Card View directly in the Report.

    See: Use card view in reports

    As long as the Status column is titled the same thing across all of your sheets, and the dropdown selections are the same, you can drag and drop your cards from any of the sheets into their correct lane and it will update the underlying sheet.

    What I would suggest doing is set up your Sheets to each have a different colour card by setting up Conditional Formatting in each source sheet. For example, Sheet 1 could be Blue, Sheet 2 could be Green, and Sheet 3 could be Purple. That will make it easy to quickly identify what sheet each card comes from in the Report:



  • summetg
    summetg ✭✭

    Thanks Genevieve - I'll take a look if we can make something work this way.