If statement in parent row to delete children row?


I am working on a sheet where a task is to validate a set of data. If the data fails there is a follow up task to revise, if it passes the next task is to launch. Right now I have these all set as rows.

But I wanted to see if there was a way to insert a checkbox for pass/fail and then based on whether that pass or fail checkbox is checked the proper next step is shown and the other step is deleted/hidden/blacked out.

Ideally once you select the checkbox one of the children tasks would be deleted like below picture.

Second option would be, once checkbox is selected, the task not pertaining to the checkbox, gets blacked out

Any thoughts? Not sure if this would be a formula (IF statement (which I am not so good with)), or some sort of workflow, or if I am just reaching too far here.

Thanks in advance!


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