Is it possible to use Data Mesh without existing data in the target sheet?

Jenna Simpson
Jenna Simpson ✭✭
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Hello! I am trying to create team specific iCals from a company wide PTO request sheet. As iCalendars cannot be created from reports, I am trying to use Data Mesh to pull PTO information from a report showing just approved PTO from all people on a specific team to a separate sheet with just that team's approved PTO. But because the existing team sheet is currently blank, nothing is copying over. The setup I am going for is this:

All-Team PTO Tracker - All PTO submissions go here

  • Approved PTO Report: Team Name - reports for each team pull only the details for PTO requests that have been approved for people on the applicable team
  • Approved PTO Calendar: Team Name - Data Mesh pulls data from the team reports and copies into the individual team calendar sheets that can then be turned into iCalendars

I am trying to avoid overcomplicating this as the only other solution I've been able to come up with involves 2 different data shuttle configurations for each team. If anyone can help me come up with a solution for this, it would be much appreciated!!

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Jenna Simpson

    Yes, you can use DataMesh to copy data from a Report into a blank destination sheet! It sounds like potentially your Define View Options tab is what's preventing the data from copying over.

    You'll want to ensure you allow data to be Overwritten in the target/destination sheet, and that you have "Copy and Add Data" as your Data Mapping Format. This will add new rows as they appear in the Report.

    See: Combine or Refine Data Sets with DataMesh

    Let me know if this now works for you!