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Group WorkSpaces and organize them in "folders"

Deanna Vandermeer
Deanna Vandermeer Overachievers Alumni

I would love to see a way for us to be able to "Folder-ize" WorkSpaces that have been shared to us by others. To be able to group those WorkSpaces by the department that it belongs with to make it easier to find and to support. Especially for those of us within our District who are the ones responsible for training and supporting our licensed users and their solutions.

Smartsheet Overachievers Alumni

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While this change is not part of our current plan, we appreciate you sharing this idea. Please keep commenting on this post to explain your specific scenario – your feedback plays a big role in shaping our decisions for the future.



  • Heidi Newell
    Heidi Newell ✭✭
    edited 04/05/23

    Same exact challenge for me - please let me know if you have any better solution. Will use the renaming thing for the time being.

  • Amy.Mizzi.RP
    Amy.Mizzi.RP ✭✭✭✭

    We are currently implementing Control Center to manage customer projects. In Control Center, each project is created in its own workspace, so we will have upwards of 200 active workspaces at any given time just for these projects. We also have dozens of internal workspaces.

    While I am really excited about Control Center, I am dreading the visual clutter and time sink of scrolling through so many workspaces to find what I need. Grouping them into a collapsible hierarchy would be a real game-changer! Please consider implementing this.

  • Adrian Mandile CHESS
    Adrian Mandile CHESS ✭✭✭✭✭

    Simply being able to group Workspaces (let alone being able to also manage their respective permissions collectively) would be a great benefit, especially for those of us with dozens of workspaces we have to browse/scroll through in alpha-numeric order only.

    Another option may be to give us more metadata/properties/attributes/tags on Workspaces, so that in the 'main' view, we could sort/filter/find our desired Workspace quickly. Being able to re-size the 'main' view would be good.

  • Nancy Williams

    As the main solution developer for our organization, I own/am shared to a rapidly growing number of workspaces to build/maintain. It would be nice to group workspaces by team/solution to quickly find a given space for updating.

  • Deanna Vandermeer
    Deanna Vandermeer Overachievers Alumni

    I too, am our main solution developer for our district and am shared to or own WAY too many workspaces and is the reason that I submitted this request. It is far too cumbersome to manage in its current state and while, yes I am the owner I can, and have, worked on reorganizing but far too often the issue comes from when other departments share their workspaces with me due to needing my insight or help. They have even recently learned that if they add an asterix or some other character to the title of their workspace that it will place their workspace at the top of the list (versus alphabetically) which for my particular view just continues to shove down all of my workspaces. I would really like to see this happen and have a better way to manage or group workspaces by the team, department or solution and allow that flexibility regardless of whether I am the owner or that it was shared with me.

    Smartsheet Overachievers Alumni

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan ✭✭✭

    Either allow workspaces to be "nested" under other workspaces (i.e. creating a hierarchy) OR

    allow sharing of Folders (i.e. when you want to group things by Workspace, but don't want to share everything in the Workspace, the only other option is to share the objects individually)


    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express a concern I have encountered while using the SmartSheet platform. Firstly, I would like to commend your team for creating a versatile and powerful project management tool that has greatly enhanced our team's productivity. However, I have noticed a missing feature that I believe could further improve our experience with SmartSheet.

    The issue I'd like to address pertains to the inability to create sub-workspaces within a main workspace. This nested organizational structure can be extremely valuable for complex projects or multi-level collaborations. Unfortunately, SmartSheet does not currently provide the functionality to add workspaces within workspaces, which limits our ability to efficiently manage and segregate projects and tasks.

    The ability to create sub-workspaces could greatly enhance the way our team organizes and handles projects. It would allow us to create dedicated areas for specific project components, teams, or phases, thus streamlining our workflow and making it easier to maintain a clear overview of our initiatives.

    I kindly request that you consider adding the option to create sub-workspaces within SmartSheet. This feature would undoubtedly contribute to making SmartSheet an even more comprehensive and adaptive solution for project management and collaboration.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my feedback. I believe that implementing this enhancement would not only benefit our team but also numerous other SmartSheet users seeking a more intricate project management structure.

    Looking forward to your response and hoping to see continued improvements in an already impressive platform.

    Best regards,

  • Kevin M.
    Kevin M. ✭✭✭✭

    Okay, I'll chime in with my particular use case for this:

    As a freelance business operations consultant, I'm finding a lot of work building out Smartsheet solutions for my clients.

    These typically fall into a few categories:

    • Clients who have an existing Smartsheet account and structure and
      • share individual sheets or folders with me
      • share their entire workspace with me
      • and, in some cases, share an entire workspace with me PLUS a folder or sheet from a different workspace
    • Clients who are new to Smartsheet, and where I build the entire thing out for them.

    As you can imagine, with even only a handful of active clients using Smartsheet, my Browse panel is horrendous, and this is before you factor in my own Smartsheet items.

    I have no problem organizing the standalone shared files into folders, but the shared workspaces have gotten out of hand, and I struggle to quickly navigate from one workspace to another when moving from project to project throughout the day.

    I would love, love, love the ability to bundle workspaces together into parent folders or spaces. With this, I could have bundles for:

    • Active Clients
    • Dormant Clients
    • Former Clients (that have not removed me from their items)
    • My Workspaces
    • ...and probably a few others.

    What would really make such an enhancement sing would be the ability to bundle items from the Sheets folder in Browse AND Workspaces together that doesn't involve putting the standalone items into a workspace.

    Heck, even a means to import our file tree into a sheet that we could arrange, filter, and use would be amazing, particularly if it remained synced in real-time. I began to attempt this on my own, but the painstaking process of manually copying and pasting hundreds of links was far too tedious, not to mention the effort it would have taken to keep said sheet up-to-date. The more I think about this, the more I think this would be even more ideal than nestable workspaces—possibly easier to implement than revamping the Browse panel's functionality, even.

    Community, what do you think?


  • Heather Hutchens

    While folders would be great - any way to bucket and/or sort workspaces is needed. Can we get an update on where it is on the roadmap/priorities?