Report Layout with Multi-Select Dropdown Column

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I am asking for assistance on a report layout. We have 15 Regions. Each Region has small teams. I have some team members that are on several teams. We have a column called “Region” that is a multi-select dropdown column.

We like the report that outlines every region’s team members. The report is sorted by region first and then by last name.

But, the team members that are on several teams only show up under one region (the first one selected in the dropdown box).  

Please see the picture. Joni shows up under the Central New York Region with a list of her other Regions. We’d like for her name to show up in the group for each of her other regions: 

Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey. Is there any way to do that without Joni having four separate rows on the sheet?

Thank you for your time!



  • Seth Morth
    Seth Morth ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello alwayslearning,

    Try using the Group function on the report and have it Group by the Regions.

  • alwayslearning
    alwayslearning ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Seth Morth,

    The Group function does not contain the two columns on my report that allow multiple dropdowns. Region is one of those columns. I'm not sure why. But that would be helpful!


  • Seth Morth
    Seth Morth ✭✭✭✭✭

    Oh dear. My apologies Nancy - you cannot group a column that is multi-select.

    You could make it Single-Select, and for the few combos have a choice that is a multiple itself (this is probably only worth it if the combo is the same for multiple people)

    Central NY

    Central NY, CT, ME, NJ



    New Jersey


    Make Region single select, and have the person in multiple rows by duplicating their name info

    Central NY Joni Mitchell

    Connecticut Joni Mitchell

    Maine Joni Mitchell

    New Jersey Joni Mitchell

  • alwayslearning
    alwayslearning ✭✭✭✭

    @Seth Morth

    I really appreciate your assistance and input on this. I'll have to talk to the team. The multi-select combos are different for each person. We discussed having multiple rows for people in multiple regions. But, one of our favorite things about Smartsheet is the bidirectional edits between the sheets and reports. We're concerned that someone will only edit a row in one region, while the other rows (for the same person) are not updated correctly. We'll have to consider this. . .Thanks so much!!