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Hi all!

This is more of a clarification to another question than anything else. I have a column of drop down lists ranging from 0%-100%. With that being said, the default value is blank, if would like to make a column long formula that does the following; if the current cell is blank, set value to 0%, else do nothing. I have tried to come up with he formula myself but when I input it, I receive and error "This column is restricted to dropdown values. Please let me know if there is a solution to this or if I have done this incorrectly. Thank you in advance!

This is the formula I tried:

IF(ISBLANK(@cell), "0%")

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IF(ISBLANK(@cell), "0%")

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    Hi @Muhammad

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    You can't have a formula that references itself.

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  • I came across this one randomly ... I think what you may be looking for is to use an automation ... for example, when a row is added, and the "x" field is blank, change the value of the cell to "0". You can set this up in sheet automations to run every time a new row is added or certain fields are updated. Hope that helps.

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