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Folder-level permissions



  • Matthew L
    Matthew L ✭✭✭✭

    Same issue with my org. This is one of the primary reasons smartsheet is not able to be used by many of our larger teams.

    I've created user groups to try to make it easier as smartsheet has communicated that to be the work around. But folks don't remember to add the user groups when they make new files and then they end up sharing items individually which makes the user groups no longer useful.

    If we could share folders with user groups the functionality of the sharing items within workfront could be significantly more simple for users and more automated which I know is the main objective for this platform

  • Melaniejmorrison
    Melaniejmorrison ✭✭✭✭

    Please allow people to share folders within a workspace. It is cumbersome from a portfolio management level to manage projects within a workspace. I have to share each individual file within a folder with individuals if I don't want them to have access to the entire workspace. Wasteful of time.

  • patbell
    patbell ✭✭

    Smartsheet, please prioritize this feature. I could really use this!

  • JennS_
    JennS_ ✭✭✭
    edited 12/20/23

    Agree. This is a necessary improvement!

  • Dayna
    Dayna ✭✭

    Highlighting this once more, as we are attempting to organize our department's workspaces, and having one workspace per team, then folders within those team workspaces for each project, would be so so useful. But folders for each project would require us to be able to share the full folder with outside members of the project team. As it is, we share each sheet/report individually, but it makes it a mess for those we share these with as they don't have the same file organization on their end, making it difficult to convince other departments/individuals to collaborate on Smartsheet with us.

  • GMcCracken

    Any update from Smartsheet on when/if this will be available?

  • IainC
    IainC ✭✭

    I have the same need at my organisation. This seems like a fairly obvious feature in my eyes. Hopefully it will be implemented some time soon... 🤞

  • Lauren_Alight


    Reviewing articles and community posts I see many users and companies requesting the ability to share folders instead of entire workspaces. This has been asked for several years, over and over. My company has been asking for 4 years. Is this on the roadmap at all? Seems it should be a very basic functionality.

  • dizzy_brain
    dizzy_brain ✭✭✭

    Adding to discussion. I manage a research lab and we have a workspace for many projects, each project is a folder that might have some folders, as well as sheets inside. I desperately want to give permission to relevant team to access relevant folders, and not entire workspace, but this is not possible, so I have to give access at sheet level. This is extremely tedious and does not work well. It would make a lot more sense if permissions can be arranged on a folder level, for example folder related to finances to be restricted to management, folder related to day-to-day activities open to a wider team etc. The team should be allowed to make new sheets inside of their folder etc. I think others are complaining of Smartsheet not listening to this, please can you address this issue and let us know if it is on the horizon?

  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce Johnson ✭✭✭✭

    Come on Smartsheet - REPLY to this. There are dozens of comments regarding this - selfishly I need this too. Not commenting on this is not how to do business. Is this being addressed? Is it on the Roadmap? Is this going to be part of the Early Adopter program. Are you ignoring your customers and hoping we go away? Not answering leaves us to believe that you are not paying attention to the dozens of folks asking for this as a solution and there are dozens more that haven't documented this and need it. Not answering means that you are willing to lose customers over this.....

    Bruce Johnson

    Director Portfolio, Project Methods & Governance

    Veolia North America

    Boston, MA

  • Stephanie Graham
    Stephanie Graham ✭✭✭✭

    This would be a key update. Currently we have to have multiple workspaces for the same group because we do not want admin info shared but would like to keep it all in one workspace and manage everything from a folder view. Creating multiple workspaces is more difficult to keep organized.

  • Austin Adams

    This update would allow my organization to use this software much more efficiently and provide more opportunities. I wish Smartsheet would just add this already and save us all from asking for it for so long.

  • NishaTKD
    NishaTKD ✭✭✭✭

    Much much needed functionality of better managing permission at Workspace and folder level.

  • LTen

    Or allow selecting multiple reports/sheets/forms and sharing in a batch instead of opening and sharing each sheet individually!

  • joemontana

    I agree with DonaldW. This is been talked about for 6 years since we started using it. Obviously they don't want to fix it in the core product as they want you to buy control center. Look at all the comments and there is not just one idea to vote on for folder security, it is spread between all those comments. If they were serious they'd consolidate them into ONE suggestion to be voted on and I'm sure it would be at the top or near it. Just my 2 cents.