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Workspace Shared to panel



  • Rebecca_Kolker
    Rebecca_Kolker ✭✭✭✭

    I hope that this has been escalated at this point. It seems like it is a very hot topic and I too would appreciate this change being made in the near future. Thanks!

  • JMacMillan
    JMacMillan ✭✭✭

    I agree with the original post and all the comments! I often switch from using multiple screens to using only my laptop and the "Workspare Shared To" panel as well as the "Sharing" column take up way too much space and make it difficult to find sheets I'm looking for. While I love the added feature of the Workspace Panel, this is the next biggest update needed, in my opinion!

    This thread is getting a lot of attention, so I hope this is an update that is coming soon🤞

  • cole22
    cole22 ✭✭

    I'm adding my comment to UPVOTE ALL suggestions. Thank you for making this a priority to help us all with our efficiency!

  • Mark K
    Mark K ✭✭

    Please please please can we get rid of the "Workspace Shared To" column. There is no reason for it to use so much room. I have many Smartsheet windows open and I can't make them the size I want because of this column.

  • cbsarge
    cbsarge ✭✭✭✭

    This is by no means a suggestion that they not give us a way to toggle the panel but, until they do if you don't mind installing a browser extension that lets you modify the CSS of a webpage (Stylebot for example) you could add the following to the site:

    div.sharedList {

    display: none;


    This will hide the panel. You'll still be able to click the Share button if you want to see who it's shared to.

  • cbsarge
    cbsarge ✭✭✭✭
    edited 10/02/23

    I put this together real quick and published it to the Chrome Extension store. It adds a couple check boxes that let you hide the sharing side panel as well as the Conversations, Attachments, etc panel. It uses something called localstorage to save the state of the check box in your browser. It DOES NOT collect any sort of personal data or anything to do with any sheets, reports, etc. It's also completely free if anyone wants to use it. Until Smartsheet gives us a way to do it, I hope this will prove useful to some of you. It should work in Chrome or Edge.

  • JenRed
    JenRed ✭✭


    I agree; the panel on the left takes up a lot of space, and it isn't easy to know which workspace it refers to because you have to move from the table to the panel to see how to connect the two. It would be more user-friendly if this data were all in one place rather than separated, and the user could then customize it.

    I am wondering if a solution would be to move the data points in the side panel (Shared to editor, owner, etc.) into the table instead of a side panel, and then in "Actions," you can check a box as to which of those data points you can view or not view as columns.



  • This was asked before....and I'm also putting in the request to minimize or hide the sidebar showing who is shared to Workspace. This impedes on what can be viewed in the actual workspace.

    Thanks for considering the request.....

  • The panel to the right that states: ‘Workspace Shared To’ takes up 1/3 of the monitor on a small laptop and is rarely valuable to users. The same information is viewable if the Share button is selected. Can the panel please be removed or become a pop-out option as opposed to a static display? 

  • +1. This seems like a relatively low effort enhancement which would provide a high impact UX improvement.

  • cbsarge
    cbsarge ✭✭✭✭

    I get if people don't want to install a Chrom or Edge browser extension but, is everyone able to see my comments here? I just checked and the extension still works. It adds a check box you can check to hide the side panel like everyone seems to be requesting. I get that it would be BETTER if Smartsheet fixed it themselves but, until they do this works.

  • lisa.bolger27646
    lisa.bolger27646 ✭✭✭✭

    Has anyone from Smartsheet commented on this request?

  • I 100% agree that there needs to be a way to collapse the "Workspace Shared To" Panel. This thing takes up so much space, and is the least important information on the screen.

  • +1 on ability to hide/collapse this column or even move it to a pop up menu accessed via right-click. It is incredibly frustrating that a "set it and forget it" feature like workspace sharing takes up so much screen real estate. Addressing this would be a simple UI/UX change that would make life so much easier.

  • Chiming in in support of this suggestion. The Workspace Share To panel takes up way too much screen real estate for the level of interaction it actually requires from users. cbsarge's extension works, but requires a separate step from users and doesn't really compliment the visual styling of Smartsheet. It would be much easier if Smartsheet could just implement a few obvious quality of life changes to make the user experience more functional and enjoyable.