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Workspace Shared to panel


Would it be possible to reduce or even hide the panel showing who is shared to a Workspace? I'd like to see the names of the content within the workspace far more than who the Workspace is shared to. If the Workspace Shared to section could be minimized, that would be ideal.

Thank you for your consideration,


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We appreciate you sharing this idea and it is something we are aware of. While we don't have immediate plans to make a change we are considering this as part of future design updates. Please keep commenting on or upvoting this topic if it interests you.



  • earl_bennett
    earl_bennett ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please provide the ability to show/hide the Workspace Shared To panel so I don't have to shrink the Browse panel every time I go to a workspace.


  • Minimize or hide the sidebar showing who is shared to Workspace. It takes up too much space to see the info I need to see.

  • Murilo Souza
    edited 03/09/23

    We need a lot this feature and I think it is easy to implement.

  • Micco
    Micco ✭✭

    Yes to everything everyone has said! Adding a comment and upvote just to help push this enhancement weight.

  • Josh W
    Josh W ✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/28/23

    Yes And; Be able to make the 'Workspace Shared To' column narrower. Half the width is generally wasted.

  • Andelu
    Andelu ✭✭

    Please let us remove the "workspace shared to" column or collapse it. It takes up valuable screen real estate, hard to find what we need.

  • Lina M
    Lina M ✭✭

    Please make this change! The shared column takes up precious real estate, especially on a small screen. I have to adjust my screen constantly to account for it.

  • VGately
    VGately ✭✭

    Hi, please add the ability to hide the sidebar. I can't even adjust the size of it. The Shared To sidebar just gets in the way and distracts from looking at the workspaces. And it's not the sort of info you need to see on a regular basis.


  • Agree with everyone's feedback above that this takes up far too much real estate on the screen, and you cannot even take any action from it! To update who the workspace is shared to requires going to a different screen, so this is just too large for an informational pane.

  • ken_p
    ken_p ✭✭

    Likewise with everyone above... this is what our users see.

    We have power users, myself in IT as well as our project managers. We work on big monitors, can afford to use small browser fonts.

    However, majority of our users are on laptops with multiple windows open. Some have bigger fonts to cope with vision issues and this becomes an extremely critical usability problem. It is not an exaggeration when I say our users are having difficult time accessing sheets because of this issue. Not only is adjusting the width every time a chore, it is actually very difficult to grab the handle.

    • The best solution is if we can customize layout per workspace.
    • If not, at least make both: Browse list/panel and Share To list/panel, collapsible and remember that preference.
    • Worst case, at least make the Name column a priority and shrink the other columns, this should only make sense to anyone.

    I really hope this can be addressed as soon as possible, thank you!