PMO Template - Issues with Project Intake Form --> Project Intake Sheet

Hello All!

I wanted to see if someone could assist me with fixing a bug I created.

I was using the Project Management Office (PMO) template set and the 'Project Intake Form' and 'Project Intake Sheet' - the connectivity between the two (aka when I use and fill in the form, press submit, it would generate a new Project ID and row in the sheet).

However, I wanted to take the 'Project Intake' a bit further so I added a new column to the 'Project Intake Sheet' - however, I did NOT add that new column to the 'Project Intake Form' before submitting a new project using the form...

Now anytime i use the form (note - i have since revised the form to add the new column) - the form submission does not work any longer (i.e. when you submit the form, it no longer generates a new project ID or row on the sheet...)

Could someone assist me with this?

(Also to note - I think it may be a bug as the 'Portfolio Metrics Sheet' is some how tracking the submissions... but the 'Project Intake Sheet' is not.... )