Project Metadata Sheet within Project Management Office Template Set

MPMurphy ✭✭
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I downloaded the project management office template set and wondering a few things.

  1. Do I copy the "Project Template" folder and rename it for every different project?
  2. I'm assuming the "Portfolio Level" folder (and its contents) does not get copied. This is the portfolio level "summary" of all the projects that I will include inside the "Project Level" folder. Would this be a correct assumption?
  3. Can I use Resource Management with this template? I would assume I can and that I would make this relationship to Resource Management in the "Project Plan" sheet of each project I list in the "Project Level" folder. Does that sound right?

Thank you in advance for your responses.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @MPMurphy

    1 . Yes, exactly. Step 3 in the Template Instructions has more detail on this.

    2 . Yes! The second section under step 5 in the Instructions linked above has a short demo of how to customize your Metrics in the Portfolio level folder to match the Project Intake sheet.

    3 . I haven't personally done this but yes, you should be able to set up the Resource Management panel in these sheets, and it would indeed be the "Project Plan" sheet of each project I list in the "Project Level" folder!

    Once you've customized this template set, please provide your feedback on the instructions and set-up by filling out the form at the very bottom of the instruction page. Thank you!