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Allow changes to default workspace view


When I open a workspace, the most important information - the names of the items within that workspace - are so minimized that I can't distinguish one from another. It would be REALLY helpful to be able to choose what information to be displayed in the workspace. For example, being able to hide the owner, shared to, or last update columns. It would also be great to have the option to hide the "Workspace Shared To" area - that is something that can easily be checked and doesn't need to be visible at all times. See attached for an example of what I see when I open a workspace. This has been shared several times as a 'pet peeve' from our Smartsheet users. Every time we open a workspace, we have to manually adjust the column widths to actually be able to see the names of sheets, reports, dashboards, etc.

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  • Adrienne Young

    I'm having this same issue. Based on the date of the original post it looks like it hasn't been fixed or updated since last year. Something changed over this past weekend. It was working where I could see the sheet names just fine but then all of the sudden the column widths are crazy narrow and the "Shared with" section takes up a third of my screen. I can't read the titles of my sheets but I can certainly see who is sharing the workspace, which is information that is mostly unhelpful to me. Please allow workspace column modification. There's literally just a column devoted to "Sharing" which seems redundant since there's a whole section devoted to who is sharing this workspace.