Control Center: Adding new sheet to provisioned projects using Optional Templates, broken formulas

Marie Toft
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I have a new sheet I want to add to an already provisioned project in Control Center but all the formulas return broken. I have created the sheet in the blueprint and have saved it as an optional template. This optional sheet is linked to other sheets in the blueprint (it is a summary of data linked to source data - for example: New summary sheet is pulling data to calculate Retention at 3, 6, and 12 months)

When I went through the steps of selecting this newly created Optional Summary sheet template for an existing project, it created the sheet summary but all the cell formulas were showing up as #REF.

After talking to Smartsheet Help Desk, we figured out that for some odd reason, it was generating a copy of the source file from the blueprint (and not the projects source file) and then deleting that source file. Thus I couldn't even do a "update reference" to fix the file because it could no longer see the incorrect source file as it had automatically deleted itself. STRANGE?

Eventually we solved a "workaround" that I have to go to the deleted list, reactivate the blueprint sheet, then I could go through and do a "manage references" to correctly map my newly provisioned optional template in my project to reference the correct project source sheet within the project workspace. (instead of referencing the blueprint source file)

Why won't the new Optional Template added to an already provisioned project not reference the correct source file already created within the projects workspace? Isn't that what is supposed to happen? How do I add a new Sheet to an existing project that correctly executes the cell formulas to other sheet data for that particular project?

Below is an image after I started to "update each cell reference after moving the blueprint source file out of the deleted folder"

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