New proof info columns and automation enhancements!

Jason DelValle
Jason DelValle Employee
edited 10/27/22 in Product Announcements

Hi Community!

Have you ever wanted to automate the proofing process or have more insight into who’s approving or requiring changes? Us too!

With this release, you’ll be able to track each person who has voted ‘Approved’ or ‘Changes Needed’ on a proof, as well as each person who hasn't yet voted. This enables you to stay on top of your proof approval progress and provides greater visibility into key details. 

You’ll also be able to (this is my favorite part!) power automated workflows using these new columns and values as triggers. For example, automation can be triggered to create a new proof version, move the proofing process to the next stage, or notify people that they still need to review a proof.

This new update is available to licensed users on Business and Enterprise plans.

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  • PDunn
    PDunn ✭✭

    @Jason DelValle I am very excited about the new enhancements. Are there plans to provide automation templates for these new options? For example, automation can be triggered to create a new proof version, move the proofing process to the next stage, or notify people that they still need to review a proof.

    I'd love some additional direction on using automations with the proof columns. I want to be able to ping people who are in the pending approval column they need to approve or I want to set a deadline for someone to approve the proof is this possible with these new columns? It would be great to have a button in the proof window to send a reminder to pending approval reviewers similar to the invite button at the top.

  • Jason DelValle
    Jason DelValle Employee
    edited 07/27/22

    Hi @PDunn! We do not have automation templates for proofing at this time, but I will take your feedback to our team for consideration. I'm happy to help you get started with proofing automation. I just sent you a direct message to setup some time to discuss. Looking forward to connecting!

  • Dale Heincelman
    Dale Heincelman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you provide examples of an automation that would be used on the columns created by proofing? Using the existing triggers is not straight forward. Also the "Changes Required by " column doe snot seem to be populating for me.

  • JSanita
    JSanita ✭✭✭✭

    Is there a way to automate creating a proof in the first place? I'm seeing info online saying to create a proof you must be an editor. I have editors (free users) testing this for me and it does not seem possible.

  • Diana Yeh
    Diana Yeh Employee

    @Dale Heincelman , some automation examples may be:

    When "Proof Status" = Complete, send "Requester" a notification. (Requester being a contact column that the sheet contains to whomever may have requested the asset)

    When "Proof Status" = Created, send "Reviewers" a notification. (Reviewers being a contact column that contains the stakeholders who may need to Review the proof)

    Here's an example of how one could look:

    Additionally, the "Changes Required by" column is populated based on formally sending out the Proof Request for review by using the "Invite" button in the proofing panel. When these users get invited, they're asked to vote on whether or not the proof is approved or if they required changes. You can see more of those details in this help article.

  • Diana Yeh
    Diana Yeh Employee
    edited 10/06/22

    @JSanita, there is currently no way to automate proof creation, but I love this idea! Feel free to submit this suggestion to our Smartsheet Product Feedback Form.

    In order to create a proof, you need to have Editor permissions on a sheet and be a licensed user.

    To collaborate and comment on existing proofs, you simply need to have a Smartsheet login (no license required).

  • Dale Heincelman
    Dale Heincelman ✭✭✭✭✭

    This will work, however the notification/alert email will not contain a link that the receiver can use correctly. Any link in the email will show the proof but the "Approve" button does not appear. The only workaround was to include myself as requiring to approve the proof and from the original invite email I copy the hyperlink from the button in the email into a hyperlink in new column on the sheet that I include in the reminder email. I trigger my alert to run daily to the reviewers that have not approved the proof.

  • @Jason DelValle Just started to use the new columns, but should the data in the proof info columns update when a new version is uploaded? Mine is currently showing 'approved by/changes required by/pending approval from' for a version 1 document, but Version 2 has been uploaded.

  • Hi @Laura Stephens! Apologies for the delayed response.

    Once new versions have been uploaded, the proof info columns should update to reflect the new version.

    For example, lets say I require changes for a version 1 document. Once I upload version 2 (even before I send it out to get it reviewed), the “changes required by” column that recently had my name/email in it for version 1, will now be blank again.

    If that's not what you're seeing I recommend reaching out to support to see what's causing that issue.

  • Is there a way to have an approved proof invite the next reviewer automatically? For example, if I approve a proof, then it gets sent to the next reviewer? I thought I had figured out it with the automated work, because the automation would change the values in Smartsheet, but it doesn't seem to actually invite the new reviewer in the proof tool.