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I have numerous projects that all have the same work breakdown structure. If I send out request updates (via automation) the end user doesn't know which project the request is asking about. Unless I specifically state what project I am referring to in a manual update request I don't see a way to have that info included. So to the end user, all context is lost about what project. Is there any way to have that included in all my automated update requests? Thanks for any help provided.


  • Julie Fortney
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    Great question, and this is something we have run into with our project management solution. Do you have the project name/number included in your sheet name? That would be my first suggestion, since the sheet name should be listed in the update request.

    Do you use Control Center to spin up projects? If so, I suggest adding a column to your sheet for project number/name, and cell linking that to pull from your metadata sheet. You could then include that column in your update request.

    Julie Fortney

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    To add to Julie's excellent advice/answer.

    • Another option that I often use in my solution is to add a Sheet Summary Field with the Project Name, then reference it in a so-called helper column, and make it a column formula so it will be included on all rows. You could then have that column in the Update Request.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • mav13
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    I don't use Control Center, however I am exploring the possibility to add the project name to the Send Update Request to don't have to type it for each of the projects and Project managers, since a project manager could have multiple projects. Thank you