Control Center & Automated "Move to another Sheet" Issue

I'm working on my project plan sheet to use with Control Center. I support a multitude of services and when a Client Contact field is populated, that tells me that is a service the client purchased. My goal is to remove the services (parent & child rows) of the ones not purchased. I created a column Purchased Service to give me a check or an x based on that Client Contact field thinking perhaps it can assist.

While I can make an automation that says when added or changed to an x, move it to the "trash" sheet I have, it isn't triggering. I believe it is because the formula and population of everything is happening at the time I provision the project in Control Center so it is not recognizing that the icon "changed". I don't want to have to go into each project plan sheet after provisioning it to then mark it off to move the rows.

I originally thought I would have optional templates in my Control Center per service to select the necessary ones at provisioning but in a class was advised that would make other reports challenging as it wouldn't know what sheets to work with... Please help!!!